Eco Labs: Sustainable Products That We’re Proud of

There is no need to compromise when looking for an eco-friendly solutions!

Eco Labs is a Proudly South African company that has a focus on providing affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly products that are easily accessible to the South African public, with all of our products being produced in SA.

Our main aim is to promote the protection of our earth and leave a legacy for future generations to come, by providing alternatives to traditional products which destroy the environment.

When sourcing ingredients for our products, we focus on them being both environmentally and socially sound, as well as having outstanding quality, durability and sustainable values. Our Eco Labs products work just as well, if not better, than the traditional, eco-damaging products that you may be used to.

Thankfully, things have started to shift and sustainable and environmentally-friendly products have become more widely available. This has allowed us to gain access to a wide variety of outstanding ingredients and components for our products.

At Eco Labs, we provide you a ‘one stop shop’, offering an extensive range of products for all your decorative, building and refurbishing needs. We also aim to offer you knowledgeable advice, competitive prices and incredible service.

Completely Safe and Trustworthy

We are leaders in a market that strives to improve the quality of life for people and the planet, and we only use products that are completely safe, highly durable and effective. Through our products we have proven that eco-friendly products does not mean having to compromise on price, safety or quality!

Our extensive range has all been meticulously tested and meets all local and international standards (SABS, CSIR and ISO Approved. Our premium products are not just aimed at the industrial sector, but we also carer for the environment of hospitals, homes, schools and offices.

At Eco Labs, we aim for our customers to view us more than just a supplier, but as a trusted partner in creating a greener world.

Why Eco Labs?

  • Eco Labs are considered as leaders in our industry as our team has over 30 years of experience in working towards a more sustainable community.
  • Our products have all been through rigorous testing and evaluations.
  • Despite the high quality of our products, our prices remain competitive.
  • Our team is ever-evolving to include as many experts as possible.
  • We have a true sense of responsibility towards a greener world.