Direct Delivery

We deliver directly to independent branded filling stations, mines, logistic companies and resellers. Pricing is determined on quantity and delivery distance of end user

Short Lead Time

Our leadtime between order and delivery is 2448hours when orders are placed before 9am daily on a weekly basis, orders placed a week in advance are supplied as per timelines provided on delivery schedules submitted. The above is possible due to prepurchase fuel from the two major refineries. We can offload to both above and below ground tanks provided client specifies and costs defer depending on equipment required. Our forte is gravity drops due to the refinery transportation being utilized.  We also offer split loads with a minimum quantity of 2000 liters and offer bespoke delivery options which a premium is charged depending on quantity and distance.  Our customer delivery offers multiloads product delivery without contamination.  Speak to us to tailor make a solution that will suit your business needs.