Thulisiwe G Ngcobo – LLB; DIP. PUBLIC ADMIN; CERT. BUS. MANAGEMENT (Managing Director) Grade B.

Who we are

SINAMILE TRADING & SECURITY SERVICES is a vibrant, black woman owned and managed company which was established in 2018.

The company is a level 1 BBBEE specializing in Cleaning and Security Services. The company is growing and developing into a major role player in the market, it has all the resources and expertise to ensure a high standard of service to its clients. It is an excellent service provider in the markets it serves.



In 1997 I worked as a security guard for Fidelity Security. I was then employed by Bayete Security in Richards Bay.

Thereafter, I was employed by CHUBB Guarding Security as a security guard where I was then promoted as a Security Controller. In 2000 I was awarded as the best employee of the year.

Black Economic Empowerment

The company believes in meaningful participation by Black people in the economy of the country in line with South Africa’s population demographics. The company’s philosophical premise is that of adding value in business through operational involvement, at the same time striking a balance between social and commercial business dealings. A mutually beneficial value driven relationship would be a prerequisite for any business coalition.

Environmental Policy

The company is committed to preserving the environment and is willing to pay in time and money where permissible, to prevent pollution and destruction of fauna and flora. The management, in addition to the above, has set environmental objectives, these being: Commitment of all employees through induction and to preserve environment. To only use environmental friendly biodegradable products where possible. Conduct monthly site walkabouts to monitor impact on the site environment. Introduce an agenda item to discuss the environment at all site meetings and pre‐start meetings, to minimize damage to the environment in the cleaning process. To work with the client and professional teams in protecting the environment.

Thulisiwe Ngcobo – LLB; DIP. PUBLIC ADMIN; CERT. BUS. MANAGEMENT (Managing Director)
Thulisiwe is responsible for realizing the vision of the company, she has more than 10 year relevant experience to take this company to the next level.

To be the service provider of choice in our chosen fields
Our Core Values:
Diversity Quality service Human dignity and respect Innovation and Optimism Integrity Excellent Client Relationships Loyalty Customer‐driven service excellence, professionalism and efficiency of delivery in everything we do Development of Human Capital within our company and within the organizations of our customers and other stakeholders

To exceed client expectations by pursuit of excellent and distinguished service underpinned by our highly trained personnel and associates. To provide clients with excellent service by applying genuine business ethics.

It is the policy of SENAMILE TRADING & SECURITY SERVICES to strive to redress the social imbalance of the past in our workplace and the markets that we service.
To this end active steps are taken to:
(a) Create an equitable employment environment within the company
(b) Pursue projects that promote the development of emerging contractors, the establishment of skills transfer and the creation of labor opportunities.

These steps include inter‐alia the following:

  • The provision of vocational training to students.
  • Ensuring equal access to employment through an equitable recruitment program.
  • Providing equitable and market related remuneration.
  • Providing in‐house training and career development at all levels.
  • Identifying, recognizing, improving and nurturing leadership and managerial potential by increasing responsibility.
  • Rewarding loyal and continue above average contribution to the company through the introduction of deserving individuals into the management and shareholding structures of the company.
  • In addition we actively enable the involvement of emerging businesses, the transfer of skills through onsite training by our staff and the creation of job opportunities.