Your 1st Choice Energy Partner

Trader of piped and compressed natural gas for various manufacturing processes, ie steam and power generation, food production and heat treatment, in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng.

gas solutions

To fit each customer’s unique operational requirements, whether pipeline or portable.

Product versatility

With features such as Cogeneration and Tri-Generation to improve overall company’s overall energy efficiency.

Qualified Technicians

Technical services by qualified and GASA certified technicians.  Our staff are our best asset.

Energy Partners

We are one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of premium quality industrial and commercial gas. The reason for our success is our award winning customised pre- and after-sales service (our free of charge value added services), which distinguishes us from our competitors.

We deliver our gas (methane rich and compressed natural gas) directly from source to your factory via an extensive, well-built pipeline network and via Compressed Natural Gas.


track record

Premium Quality

Our gas is economically priced, always on tap and environmentally friendly. By choosing gas as a source of energy, you are contributing to improving South Africa’s air quality. You are also helping to reduce greenhouse gases and saving on fuel storage costs.


Our commitment to developing the communities in which we operate is enshrined in our corporate values and work ethos. We take great care to ensure that people come first in our social investment efforts.


Our track record for building strong relationships with enthusiasm, thorough attention to detail and specialist support every step of the way speaks for itself. Our customers include blue chip companies such as IPSA, Hulamin, Toyota, Sapref, NCP Alcohols, KAP Group companies, amongst others.

Over 80% of our customers previously consumed diesel, HFO and coal. We are proud of our positive contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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